Adult Day Care

Getting older can be challenging, both for seniors and their family members. As parents and grandparents grow older, they often need more help with day-to-day activities. At the same time, taking care of an older adult can be demanding for family members. Fortunately, there is a solution that can benefit both seniors and their caregivers – adult day care services.

What Happens at Adult Day Care Centers?

A typical day includes social activities, health services, classes, meals, and more. Seniors start arriving in the morning and take part in planned group activities until the afternoon.

Here are some examples of what the day may consist of:

Social Activities

  • Games and crafts
  • Music & dancing
  • Conversation groups
  • Intergenerational programs with youth groups or schoolchildren

Health Services

  • Medication management
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Person care assistance like bathing or toileting

Enrichment Activities

  • Exercise classes
  • Educational seminars
  • Cognitive stimulation through puzzles, trivia, and memory games
  • Art therapy or gardening


  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Special diets accommodated

At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan.

Providing Adult Day Care in Gloster, MS and surrounding areas. We provide transportation to and from our Adult Day Center.

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What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care provides supervised care and activities for seniors who cannot be left alone during the day. Centers offer different programs to keep participants mentally and physically active. There is also staff available to help seniors with personal care needs. In addition, nutritious meals and snacks are served. Transportation may also be arranged. The goal is to improve seniors’ well being while giving family caregivers a much-needed break.

Who Can Go to Adult Day Care?

  • Older adults who should not be left unattended
  • Seniors feeling lonely or isolated
  • Those needing some assistance with daily activities
  • People recovering after a hospital stay
  • Individuals with medical conditions needing monitoring

At Home Care, Inc. provides services for the elderly and disabled so they can stay at home. At Home Care, Inc. provides home care services, adult day care services, mental health services, and medical equipment.

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How Does Adult Day Care Help Caregivers?

Caring for an aging loved one full-time puts physical and emotional strain on family members. Caregiver burnout is common. Adult day care provides much-needed respite so that caregivers can focus on their own needs too.

Benefits for caregivers include:

  • Having time to go to work and run errands
  • Taking a break from caregiving duties
  • Avoiding complete exhaustion
  • Reducing anxiety about a senior’s wellbeing and safety
  • Enjoying activities away from home

Knowing a loved one is supervised in a nurturing environment brings peace of mind. Caregivers can recharge and approach care tasks with renewed patience and energy.

Paying for Adult Day Care

The exact cost depends on which services are needed and what is included. Financial help is available in some cases if eligibility requirements are met. Sources of assistance can include:

  • VA Benefits
  • Private Pay
  • Private Insurance
  • Medicaid

How Can Adult Day Care Help Seniors?

Attending an adult day care center benefits seniors in many ways. 

Participants can:

  • Stay active and independent longer
  • Enjoy meaningful social connections
  • Receive medical care and therapy
  • Experience mental stimulation
  • Eat nutritious meals tailored to dietary needs

The welcoming environment and range of activities keep seniors engaged. Plus, staff members monitor participants’ health. Being surrounded by caring professionals and peers provides comfort and safety.

Most importantly, seniors can continue living at home instead of moving to a nursing home prematurely. Adult day care offers the support they need while enabling them to spend nights and weekends with loved ones.

Choosing the Right Adult Day Care

With many options available, selecting the best adult day care center takes some research. Consider the senior’s unique requirements. Also, visit a few places to get a feel for the staff and environment.

Here are important factors in choosing adult day care:

  • Hours of operation and transportation options
  • Care for specific medical needs
  • Staff training and qualifications
  • Safety and cleanliness protocols
  • Variety of stimulating activities

Be sure to observe how staff interact with seniors during a tour. The right center feels welcoming rather than institutional. Caregivers should feel comfortable entrusting their loved ones to the care team.

The mission of At Home Care, Inc. is to help the elderly and disabled to stay at home. If you or someone you know needs our services in your county, please give us a call.

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