Types of Durable Medical Equipment

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In our delivery and follow-up process, patient rights, responsibilities, dignity, and confidentiality are our highest priority. If you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please contact our office.

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Improving Daily Living Through Durable Medical Equipment

When injury, illness, or disability make daily tasks challenging, durable medical equipment (DME) provides essential support for increased independence and quality of life. This crucial category of devices serves important medical purposes that enhance users’ comfort, mobility, and dignity on a daily basis.

Bedside Commodes

For those with mobility limitations, bedside commodes allow easy and safe bathroom access without leaving the bedroom. Commodes can be positioned near beds or wheelchairs for convenience. Users simply access the detachable bucket or pan when needed. This preserves independence and privacy for critical bodily functions when traveling to a bathroom poses difficulties.

Blood Glucose Monitors

People with diabetes require careful tracking of blood sugar before meals, activities, sleep, and medication. Compact glucose monitors allow rapid at-home tests with small samples. The screens clearly display exact levels so patients can coordinate with diet, exercise plans, insulin doses, and doctor guidance. Tight control prevents dangerous highs and lows in blood glucose. Users stay aware and in charge of their health.

Power Scooters and Wheelchairs

Power chairs and mobility scooters equip people to cover campus grounds, shopping centers, or neighborhoods without depending on others for transportation. Custom fitted support allows those with injured spines, limbs, or aging conditions to actively run errands, meet friends, continue hobbies, and simply enjoy fresh air and sights. Battery powered motors reduce strain so riders comfortably steer through daily activities and destinations. Independence and social connections thrive thanks to easy mobility.

At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan.

Providing All Types of Durable Medical Equipment in Port Gibson, Hattiesburg, Brookhaven, Gulfport, Natchez, Gloster, McComb, Meridian, Laurel, Indianola, Tunica, Jackson and throughout the state of Mississippi.

Types of Durable Medical Equipment | Port Gibson | At Home Care

Canes, Crutches, and Walkers

Canes, crutches, and walkers help stabilize balance, ease pain, facilitate movement, and prevent dangerous falls. Those recovering from surgery or injury can slowly regain strength while relying less on unsteady limbs. Others with lifelong conditions like arthritis or chronic back pain can stay active in daily routines without strain or fatigue. With improved support, users complete tasks from crossing rooms to running errands with minimized discomfort.

Support Surfaces

Specialty beds, mattresses, and padding provide custom positioning and pressure relief for comfort. Those vulnerable to painful bed sores due to lack of sensation or movement can rest safely without skin breakdown or irritation. Caregivers also appreciate aids that allow easy rolling, lifting, or adjusting of patients to tend wounds, bathe, or change bedding without injury. Successfully preventing complications means better health and speedier recoveries.

Types of Durable Medical Equipment | Port Gibson | At Home Care

Urological Supplies

Incontinence should never hinder social participation or embarrass people in homes and public spaces. Various urological supplies offer odor control and discretion for urinary issues stemming from infections, chronic ailments, disabilities, or aging changes. Pads, diapers, handheld urinals, and skin barriers allow people to discreetly manage leaks and accidents while keeping clean. This makes enjoying community and relationships uncomplicated.

Hospital Beds

With adjustable positioning, bed rails and electronic controls, hospital beds capably serve patients with limited mobility who require close medical care, fall prevention or help with daily living activities. Features like raising the head improves respiratory health, while adjusting the mattress inclination safely assists movement in/out of bed. Hospital beds also transition to chairs to allow eating, reading or viewing TV more comfortably. Durability and accessibility options ensure both safety and independence.

Incontinence Supplies: Diapers, Pads, and Pullups

Coping with urinary or bowel incontinence should not curtail an active social life or create feelings of isolation or embarrassment. Various undergarment pads, protective underwear, and external products safely manage leaks so people can enjoy community participation without stress over accidents.

For light incontinence, small absorbent pads can conveniently line regular underwear to absorb leakage throughout the day. Reusable cloth pads fasten into place for comfort and discretion under clothes. Slightly heavier incontinence may warrant pullup style underwear in a range of patterns and sizes, with waterproof outer layers and built-in absorbent padding. These afford easy on/off access for those able to fully undress.

Maximum absorbency adult briefs and diapers cater to those with moderate to heavy urinary loss from disabilities, long term illnesses or aging issues. These fasten via adhesive tapes or velcro at the hips for a snug, secure fit against the skin to capture any sudden leaks before they reach outerwear. Multiple layers quickly wick moisture away from the skin to avoid rashes and skin breakdown while containing embarrassing odors. 

For bedridden patients, some briefs offer added nighttime capacity with leak barriers or cloth backing to protect mattresses. Caregivers appreciate single use options when frequent changing is necessary.

The right protective undergarments bring confidence, comfort and discretion – allowing people to stay socially active without fear of accidents. Advancements in materials and fit make incontinence aids effective solutions.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts safely move individuals with limited or no mobility in and out beds, chairs and bathrooms with minimal strain or discomfort. Sit-to-stand lifts smoothly raise seated patients to standing, enabling toilet use or transitions to mobility devices. Overhead track lift systems transport patients over beds for routine care or changing clothes while full body sling lifts can securely raise patients up flights of stairs. Caregivers appreciate the reduced heavy lifting these automated aids provide.

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