Durable Medical Equipment

At Home Medical Supply, Inc. strives to provide quality medical supplies and services as far as our helping hands can reach throughout the state of Mississippi. Our goal is to improve the independence of our patients in a manner that distinguishes us in the Durable Medical Supply Industry. 

In our delivery and follow-up process, patient rights, responsibilities, dignity, and confidentiality are our highest priority. If you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please contact our office.

At Home Medical Supply provides medical equipment to seniors and families throughout the state of Mississippi. We will take care of the details and get your items delivered to you in a timely manner. To get started, call us at 601-362-3019 or email Keitha Leonard at dmesales@at-home-care.com.

Durable Medical Equipment Includes Items Such As:

  • Bedside Commodes
  • Canes & Crutches
  • Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies
  • Power Operated Vehicles & Scooters
  • Bedpans
  • Walkers
  • Urinals
  • Wheelchairs
  • Support Surfaces (Pressure Reducing Beds, Mattresses, Overlays, & Pads)
  • Wheelchair (Standard, Power, Related Accessories, & Repairs)
  • Hospital Beds (Electrical & Manual)
  • Wheelchairs Seats & Cushions
  • Diapers, Pads, & Pullups
  • Urological Supplies
  • Patient Lifts
  • Internal Nutrients
  • Diabetic Shoes & Inserts

Navigating Insurance for Medical Equipment

Understanding insurance for DME is key to keeping medical costs affordable. Here’s what to know:

  • Most insurance like private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid offer DME coverage. But plans can differ.
  • To qualify for DME insurance coverage, people need: 
    •  1) an insurance plan that covers DME and
    •  2) a doctor’s prescription for the equipment.

Medicare pays 80% of medically needed DME costs on average; patients pay the remaining 20%. Requirements must be met.

At Home Medical Supply helps secure equipment through insurance. 

They deal with insurance plans so people get what they need.

Call us to ask questions about insurance coverage for DME equipment and supplies.

At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan.

Providing Durable Medical Equipment in Port Gibson, Hattiesburg, Brookhaven, Gulfport, Natchez, Gloster, McComb, Meridian, Laurel, Indianola, Tunica, Jackson and throughout the state of Mississippi.

Durable Medical Equipment | Port Gibson | At Home Care

What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

DME is equipment prescribed by doctors to help manage health conditions. DME is meant for repeated, long-term use, like oxygen tanks and mobility devices. Health insurance like Medicare often covers part or all DME costs. 

Examples of common DME include:

  • Hospital beds for rest and mobility support
  • Diabetes devices to monitor blood sugar
  • CPAP machines for sleep apnea
  • Artificial limbs and braces

Access to the right DME is important for quality care at home. With doctor guidance and insurance coverage, people can get the equipment they need.

Qualifying Steps for Medical Equipment Access

Qualifying for DME involves:

  • Insurance Coverage: Consult insurance plans about coverage for costs and documentation.
  • Doctor’s Prescription: A prescription proves medical need for the equipment.
  • DME Provider Guidance: Choosing a good DME provider like At Home Medical Supply, is important—they should understand insurance requirements for qualifying patients to get supplies.

Rules differ by insurance provider but typically require both coverage and prescription. Contact insurers directly for qualification criteria. With an insurance eligible plan and doctor’s prescription, people can access essential medical equipment.

Durable Medical Equipment | Port Gibson | At Home Care

Recent DME Innovations

DME keeps getting better with new innovations. Some examples:

  • Mobility: Lightweight wheelchairs made of advanced materials make independent movement easier. Smart designs better fit user needs.
  • Diabetes Management: Automated insulin pumps deliver precise medication amounts using sensors and algorithms. Some coordinate with glucose monitoring.
  • Respiratory Therapy: Portable oxygen concentrators are now lighter, quieter, and filter purified air using innovative conservation techniques.
  • Prosthetics: Robotic limbs connect to the nervous system, enabling complex control and sensations like touch. Modern materials ensure durability and function.
  • Home Health Monitoring: Devices now remotely collect and share daily vital signs and activity levels with care teams. This allows personalized care without office visits.

DME Patient Success Stories

DME gives people like Susan and James real health improvements at home through convenience and access:

  • Susan uses a sleep apnea CPAP device prescribed by her doctor. It ensures she breathes properly at night, giving her more energy during the day.
  • James, who uses a wheelchair, can now easily maneuver around his home with a compact ramp installed by a home health agency. It allows independence.

Other patients use oxygen tanks and glucose monitors to stay active in the community while managing chronic lung and diabetic conditions.

Selecting a Reliable DME Provider

Consider these factors when choosing a DME provider like At Home Medical Supply:

  • Qualifications – See accreditations from recognized organizations.
  • Insurance Acceptance – Find companies that take your insurance for lower costs.
  • Reviews – Positive reviews and satisfaction surveys show quality services.
  • Understanding Needs – Choose those well-versed in recommending the right medically necessary equipment.

Reliable DME partners prove they provide reputable equipment and support to meet patient health needs.

Why DME Matters for At-Home Care

DME allows convenient care from home, maintaining independence and quality of life:

  • Manages health without frequent doctor visits
  • Provides needed equipment like oxygen tanks
  • Enables independence for daily activities
  • Prevents hospital readmissions
  • Reduces overall healthcare system burden

For those recovering or with chronic disabilities, DME eliminates extra travel and hospital stays while supporting care and tasks at home. It’s essential for patient health goals and systemwide cost reduction. accessibility and cost reduction. Both individuals and healthcare systems benefit from the affordable at-home support DME enables.

More DME Equipment Types

Additional examples of helpful DME equipment include:

  • Bathroom Safety Items: Shower chairs, grab bars, non-slip mats, and toilet supports assist mobility and prevent dangerous slips.
  • Lift Equipment: Ceiling or floor-based mechanical lifts safely move patients with limited mobility in and out of beds and chairs.
  • Compression Devices: Specially designed sleeves or pumps improve circulation in the arms and legs for various conditions.
  • Communication Aids: Boards, speech synthesizers, pointers, and writing aids assist individuals in making their needs understood.

Tips for Family Caregivers Using DME

For caregivers assisting those with DME:

  • Learn proper equipment use and cleaning from providers to avoid injury or damage.
  • Note insurance coverage and supplier details for bringing devices to appointments or travel.
  • Watch for signs supplies are low, like oxygen canisters below 20%. Reorder early.
  • Follow home health agency instructions for ramps, beds, lifts to ensure safety and function.
  • Help patients understand DME directions for maximum independence.

Staying organized and proactive makes in-home DME care easier.

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