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At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan. 

We employ Personal Care Attendants & Homemakers; Respite Care/Sitters; Home Health Aides. The mission of At Home Care, Inc. is to help the elderly and disabled to stay at home. If you or someone you know needs our services in your county, please give us a call.

Our Personal Care Services include assistance with:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Toileting and Incontinence Care
  • Transferring from Bed to Chair
  • Ambulating
  • Feeding

As we grow older, living freely and independently at home becomes increasingly challenging. Once effortless daily tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and meal preparation can start to feel like scaling a mountain. At At Home Care, we’re here to help – providing dignified personal home care that lends a hand when you need it most.

Our compassionate caregivers become trusted partners, assisting with activities while respecting your independence. We tailor care to match your needs and preferences, so you can keep cherishing life’s simple routines. 

With our support, your home remains a safe haven of comfort and familiarity.

What is Personal Home Care?

Personal home care consists of assistance with daily activities, often called “activities of daily living” or ADLs. These include any routine tasks someone needs to be able to perform independently to maintain their quality of life and freedom. Bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, medications, and eating are some common examples.

When these begin to pose challenges, our caring assistants provide just the right level of support to make them manageable again. We lend a discreet helping hand so you can still complete each task and ritual as independently as possible. 

The goal is to empower you to nurture the capabilities you have, rather than take over what you cannot do.

We also understand the deep connection between personal care and dignity. Our team respects this, providing assistance in a sensitive, encouraging manner. We want you to feel cared for yet still in control. Your comfort, autonomy, and privacy remain priorities.

In addition to physical assistance with personal care, we also provide vital social connection through warm companionship. Life stays fulfilling when you can share it with others. Let us assist you while also being your friend.

Daily Activities Personal Care Can Assist With

Personal home care assists with nearly any activity that has become arduous for seniors to perform independently, including:

  • Bathing and grooming: bathing, oral hygiene, hair styling, shaving, lotion application
  • Dressing and undressing: choosing outfits, putting on clothes, shoes, accessories, managing fasteners
  • Toileting, incontinence care
  • Mobility help: transfers, walking support, exercise assistance
  • Eating: assistance with utensils, feeding if needed
  • Cooking and kitchen clean up: meal preparation, washing dishes
  • Housekeeping: laundering clothes, changing bed linens, tidying living spaces
  • Shopping and transportation: driving or escorting to appointments, errands

We also remind clients to take medications properly and can administer them if permitted. No daily living activity is too personal or mundane – we are here to help with it all.

At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan.

Providing Personal Care Services in Port Gibson, Hattiesburg, Brookhaven, Gulfport, Natchez, Gloster, McComb, Meridian, Laurel, Indianola, Tunica, Jackson and surrounding areas.

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How Personal Home Care Helps Seniors

Personal home care helps seniors in numerous ways, including:

  • Enabling seniors to age gracefully at home rather than move to a facility
  • Assisting with bathing, dressing and grooming to maintain dignity
  • Supporting mobility and exercise to retain strength and activity
  • Managing medications properly and assisting with eating if needed
  • Providing socialization and companionship to brighten the spirit
  • Giving family caregivers peace of mind their loved one has support
  • Allowing seniors to preserve their sense of independence and purpose
  • Helping create structure and routine to simplify daily living
  • Adjusting assistance as needs change to provide continuous care

No matter your needs, our passionate care team can craft a plan to make each day a little smoother. We want to help you feel your vibrant best.

How Personal Care Eases the Responsibilities of Family Caregivers

Caring for an aging loved one at home is a major commitment, often leaving family caregivers drained and overwhelmed. Personal home care can provide much-needed respite so family caregivers can recharge.

Rather than have to provide round-the-clock care themselves, family members can rely on our assistants to step in for periods of time. This welcome relief gives family caregivers space to focus on their own health, responsibilities and relationships.

Even for just a few hours, having someone assist your loved one with bathing, medications or mobility allows you time to rest, run errands or socialize. You can relax knowing your loved one has attentive support in your absence.

Caring for a loved one yourself also does not need to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can still be the primary provider of care and lean on our staff during challenging times when you need extra assistance. We become an invaluable care partner.

Most importantly, personal care reduces the stress of caregiving by ensuring your loved one has professional assistance tailored to their needs. You can have peace of mind knowing tasks are handled skillfully and compassionately in your stead.

At Home Care, Inc. provides services for the elderly and disabled so they can stay at home. At Home Care, Inc. provides home care services, adult day care services, mental health services, and medical equipment.

Personal Care Services | Port Gibson | At Home Care

Questions to Ask Potential Home Care Agencies

When interviewing personal home care agencies, asking thoughtful questions is key to finding the right fit. Consider asking:

  • How do you supervise and evaluate your caregivers? This sheds light on quality assurance.
  • What training do your caregivers receive? Extensive instruction is essential.
  • How will you handle emergencies if they arise? This reveals preparedness.
  • How often are care plans updated as my needs change? Frequency shows adaptability.
  • How do you help caregivers and clients form connections? Compatibility matters.
  • What safety and infection control protocols are in place? This highlights vigilance.
  • Can you share client stories or testimonials? Real experiences say a lot.

Thorough, discerning answers inspire confidence in trusted partners for care.

The mission of At Home Care, Inc. is to help the elderly and disabled to stay at home. If you or someone you know needs our services in your county, please give us a call.

Tips for Selecting Your Personal Home Care Provider

Choosing an agency you can trust with personal home care is an important decision. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Local and Established – Consider agencies rooted in your community with years of experience. They invest in clients and have proven track records.
  • Specific Expertise – Seek agencies specially trained to care for seniors and conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s if relevant. Specialization is key.
  • Registered Nurses Available – Agencies with RNs on staff can provide clinical care, like wound dressing, injections or stroke rehabilitation.
  • Customized Care Plans – Each senior’s needs and preferences are unique. Ensure the agency develops customized care plans rather than one-size-fits-all.
  • Compatible Caregivers – Personalities and shared interests between client and caregiver affects bond. Look for agencies that intentionally match for compatibility.

Vet each potential agency thoroughly and trust your instincts. Partnering with the right personal home care provider brings confidence.

Why Choose At Home Care for Personal Home Care?

What sets At Home Care apart in providing compassionate personal home care?

  • Individually Tailored Care – Each senior receives a customized care plan based on their unique circumstances, needs and personality. No pre-packaged care here.
  • Peace of Mind – Our rigorous hiring and training gives families confidence their loved one is receiving attentive care from qualified, compassionate professionals.
  • 24/7 Availability – We have caring assistants available around-the-clock if full-time care is needed. You can rely on us day or night.
  • Supportive Community – Our Swampscott roots span over 8 years. We invest in our clients like neighbors. Let us care for you like family.
  • Seamless Services – We handle all home care needs from ADLs to specialized nursing. One call does it all, keeping care coordinated under one trusted team.
  • A Human Touch – Our thoughtful caregivers provide more than just physical help – they offer uplifting emotional support through conversation, laughter and genuine friendship.

Contact us today to learn more about our personal home care services and schedule a free at-home assessment. Let us ease life’s challenges so you can seize each day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Home Care

Our caregivers can help with any and all daily living activities – bathing, dressing, meal prep, exercise, medications (we can remind clients to take medication but cannot administer), run errands and more. We also provide companionship.

Our caregivers complete certified training programs and on-the-job shadowing to build expertise. We train them on safety, crisis handling, dementia care, nutrition and more.

We have caregivers available 24/7 if needed. Many clients use our services just for mornings or evenings. We are flexible to meet your preferred schedule.

Our caregivers provide supportive services related to daily tasks rather than clinical nursing duties. But our RNs oversee their work and can provide skilled nursing care too.

We have thorough protocols for handling emergencies or health changes. Safety is our priority.

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