Adult Day Care Services

A typical day includes social activities, health services, classes, meals, and more. Seniors start arriving in the morning and take part in planned group activities until the afternoon.

Transportation To and From Home

Getting to and from an adult day care facility can be a major obstacle for many seniors and their caregivers. Limited mobility or health conditions may prevent older adults from driving safely. And for caregivers who work or need to manage other responsibilities, providing transportation poses logistical challenges. 

Fortunately, our adult day care center offers shuttle services to give participants reliable transportation.

Centers with transportation assist seniors with door-to-door pick-up and drop-off, ensuring they can fully take advantage of engaging programming. 

Without having to coordinate rides from caregivers or public transit, participants can more easily attend consistently. What’s more, caregivers have greater peace of mind knowing their loved one has a safe means for getting to and from care – and more freedom to go about their own day. 

Transportation erases a significant barrier to accessing adult day services. It is an essential component of enabling seniors to remain active in the community.

Health Services

Medication Management

Nurses administer prescription medications and oversee dosage. They monitor for side effects and interactions, recording any reactions. Locked storage keeps medications secure. Care teams conduct regular reviews of treatment plans.

Blood Pressure Checks

Given hypertension risks, blood pressure readings ensure senior health stability. Abnormal results trigger further evaluation by a nurse. Ongoing logs identify patterns for preventative action through diet and lifestyle changes if necessary.

Personal Care Assistance

For those needing help with bathing, toileting, oral care, grooming, dressing, and transferring in/out chairs, trained care aides provide hands-on assistance respectfully. This preserves dignity while ensuring essential daily functions.

At Home Care, Inc. is well known throughout MS for providing quality services to our clients. Our employees (PCAs and CNAs) are certified and trained to accommodate each individual according to our specialized service plan.

Providing Adult Day Care Services in Gloster, MS and surrounding areas. We provide transportation to and from our Adult Day Center.

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Social Activities

Games and Crafts

Seniors can participate in various games such as bingo, trivia, board games, and card games that exercise the mind while providing social engagement. Arts and crafts activities like painting, coloring, sculpting with clay, and sewing allow participants to express their creativity. Adaptive tools make crafts accessible for those with dexterity issues.

Music and Dancing

Music therapy provides emotional benefits and stimulates memory and language functions. Seniors can listen to music, sing familiar songs, and play basic instruments. Dance sessions increase mobility while engaging several muscle groups. Both lively and gentle movement is incorporated to suit various abilities.

Conversation Groups

Facilitated discussion groups allow seniors to connect with peers. Possible topics range from current events, historical facts, personal reflections, or lighthearted content. Storytelling fosters community as participants take turns sharing life experiences. Conversation exercises language skills.

Intergenerational Programs

Activities with visiting school groups and youth organizations facilitate intergenerational bonding. Young volunteers may read aloud, assist with crafts, sing songs, or simply converse to combat senior isolation. These exchanges provide both age groups fresh perspectives and meaningful connections.

At Home Care, Inc. provides services for the elderly and disabled so they can stay at home. At Home Care, Inc. provides home care services, adult day care services, mental health services, and medical equipment.

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How Can Adult Day Care Help Seniors?

  • Attending an adult day care center benefits seniors in many ways. 

Participants can:

  • Stay active and independent longer
  • Enjoy meaningful social connections
  • Receive medical care and therapy
  • Experience mental stimulation
  • Eat nutritious meals tailored to dietary needs


The welcoming environment and range of activities keep seniors engaged. Plus, staff members monitor participants’ health. Being surrounded by caring professionals and peers provides comfort and safety.

Most importantly, seniors can continue living at home instead of moving to a nursing home prematurely. Adult day care offers the support they need while enabling them to spend nights and weekends with loved ones.

The mission of At Home Care, Inc. is to help the elderly and disabled to stay at home. If you or someone you know needs our services in your county, please give us a call.

Enrichment Activities

Exercise Classes

Low-impact fitness sessions improve strength, flexibility, balance, and circulation through chair exercises, yoga, tai chi, and light resistance training with stretch bands. Physical activity, even gentle movement, supports mobility.

Educational Seminars

Lectures and discussions on various academic topics give participants intellectual stimulation. Subjects might cover history, culture, science, philosophy, literature, and more. Seniors expand perspectives and knowledge.

Cognitive Stimulation

Activities energize thinking capacity through puzzles, trivia games, spelling bees, memory tiles, word searches, and more. Tablets feature brain training apps to challenge recall, attention span, language, object recognition, and problem solving.

Art Therapy & Gardening

Creative outlets provide sensory-based engagement that enhances mood and cognition. Seniors can sketch, paint, or work with clay guided by an art therapist. Raised garden beds enable horticulture activities from planting to harvesting veggies and herbs.


Meals & Snacks

Chefs prepare healthy, appetizing meals adjusted for dietary restrictions. Nutritious snacks curb between-meal hunger. Dining together fosters community. Care teams assist those needing help eating.

Special Diets

Dietary preferences tied to culture/religion, along with needs stemming from diabetes, low sodium requirements, texture modifications, and more are accommodated. Consultant dietitians ensure nutritional adequacy.
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