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Common Behavior Changes That Occur With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Home Care provides valuable support for aging seniors and their families.
Alzheimer's Home Care provides valuable support for aging seniors and their families.

There are a lot of things that are hard to accept when you have a senior parent with Alzheimer’s. But one of the hardest things to accept is how Alzheimer’s will change the behavior and personality of your mom or dad.

Not all seniors will experience behavior or personality changes. Alzheimer’s affects every senior differently. But if you are already starting to see some behavior changes in your mom or dad, you will likely see some of these common behavior changes that can be caused by Alzheimer’s.

Here are some common behavioral changes you might see and how Alzheimer’s home care can help:


Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

One of the primary symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss, particularly in the early stages. Individuals may forget recent events or conversations, repeat themselves frequently, and have difficulty recalling information that was once familiar to them. If your senior parent is starting to repeat sentences, repeat stories, or even repeat actions, that could be due to Alzheimer’s.

If your mom or dad is starting to forget things and does things like leave the faucet or the stove on, Alzheimer’s home care is recommended. With Alzheimer’s home care, someone will be with them to make sure they are safe at home.


Getting Disoriented Easily

Alzheimer’s can cause individuals to become confused or disoriented, especially in unfamiliar environments or situations. They may have trouble recognizing familiar faces or places, lose track of time, or forget how to perform routine tasks. If your senior parent can’t seem to tell time any longer or gets lost easily, even in their own neighborhood, that could be caused by Alzheimer’s.


Mood Swings and Agitation

Changes in mood and behavior are common in Alzheimer’s disease. You may notice that your mom or dad may have extreme mood swings, ranging from irritability and agitation to apathy and withdrawal. These mood changes can be triggered by stress, frustration, or confusion.


Personality Changes

Alzheimer’s can also lead to changes in personality and behavior. Seniors with Alzheimer’s may exhibit behaviors that are out of character for them, such as becoming more withdrawn or socially disinhibited. They may also develop new interests or preferences they didn’t have before, like suddenly liking a food they used to hate.



Some individuals with Alzheimer’s can start wandering, aimlessly roaming around their home or outside without a clear destination. This is another classic symptom of Alzheimer’s, but it can be concerning when it happens to your mom or dad. If your senior parent starts to wander or gets agitated and wants to leave, redirecting them is a very effective way to ensure they don’t wander off.

Alzheimer’s home care providers have specialized training to help you and your family deal with these behaviors.


Sleep Changes

Sleep disturbances are common in Alzheimer’s disease because of the way that Alzheimer’s affects the brain. Your mom or dad may have difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night, or sleeping during the day.

Medication may be able to help, but lifestyle changes like creating a strict bedtime and nighttime routine are recommended, too. Alzheimer’s home care can help keep watch and support aging seniors with regular routines. Seniors with Alzheimer’s do best when they have a strict routine that makes them feel secure and safe.



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