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Why Seniors Should Start a Garden This Spring

Personal care at home can help establish healthy routines like getting outside and gardening.
Personal care at home can help establish healthy routines like getting outside and gardening.

Aging in place can bring boredom to a senior and that is something that should absolutely be avoided. But it’s not always easy to keep a senior busy, and unfortunately, boredom can kill a senior. Boredom can lead to stress, depression, consuming thoughts, and a lot of other bad things.

When you don’t live with your elderly loved one it’s important someone else is there to help them around the house and to keep a routine that will encourage activities like gardening to keep a senior busy throughout the day. Personal care at home will not only help your loved one remain healthy but they will help your loved one live an active life and will encourage them to pick up healthy habits like gardening.

Here are all the reasons seniors should start a small patio garden now.


Gardening Helps Get a Senior Outside

No matter how old a senior is, personal care at home will encourage a senior to get outside even when they can’t move around well. When they have something outside they need to work on, this helps motivate them to get outside at least once a day.

A caregiver may focus on a routine that gets a senior outside before it gets too hot or when the sun is lower to prevent any sunburns or overheating from happening. But no matter what time of day it is, having a garden, even on the patio, helps get a senior outside which is important for aging in place.

Your loved one may be in a wheelchair or may need to sit and having a garden on the patio is still a great way for them to feel like they’re in nature and taking care of something. This small part of their routine can have massive health benefits.


It Prevents Boredom

Maybe gardening doesn’t seem like it, but it can be a great way to fill up time. Your loved one may have too much time on their hands, and they may not know what to do with it. Gardening allows them to get outside, water, and nurture something. They can watch it grow. The smells can bring pleasant memories, and they may just want to sit out on their deck and enjoy the sun while watching their plants. This may not seem like much, but it can bring immense joy.


Gardening and Nature Can Boost a Senior’s Mood

Many seniors may get a mood boost just from being outside. During their time, they are getting vitamins from the sun, happy memories from the sounds of birds chirping, and they are taking care of something. This can all lead to a mood boost. Many people head outside when they are feeling down or sad about life. Being outside is a simple way to feel happy and lighter.


Being Outside Can Be Healthy

Being cooped up is not always the healthiest and getting outside can boost a seniors health. Being in nature can help reduce stress and increase happiness. Even just by staring at nature a senior may feel better.



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