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How Do UTIs Affect Seniors Emotionally?

Companion Care at Home: Senior UTI Symptoms in Gulfport, MS
Companion Care at Home: Senior UTI Symptoms in Gulfport, MS

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are something that most seniors battle at some point. They take a toll on physical well-being, but they can be emotionally demanding, too. Symptoms associated with UTIs can be a little different for seniors, although they also experience urinary urgency, pain, and discomfort during an infection. Because the symptoms of UTIs can be so difficult to spot, it can be helpful for seniors to have companion care at home checking on them regularly.

Increased Anxiety

UTIs put the body under a great deal of stress and that stress can be difficult for seniors to interpret. If they’re not aware that their bodies are fighting off an infection, that increase in stress can cause anxiety that they don’t know the cause of at all. Then there can be the stress and anxiety related to issues like pain and the fear of embarrassment due to the other symptoms they may be experiencing.

Impaired Cognitive Function

In many cases, UTIs can cause symptoms that look a lot like cognitive decline. If seniors are already battling dementia or other cognitive illnesses, their symptoms may suddenly worsen. But seniors without cognitive illnesses can exhibit confusion, agitation, and even delirium that may make it difficult for them to communicate with other people. Addressing the UTI helps to reverse these symptoms and help seniors feel like themselves again.

Mood Changes

When seniors don’t feel well, that can have a direct impact on their mood and their overall emotional well-being. Discomfort and pain can contribute to irritability, mood swings, and just a general sense of being unwell. Because infections can affect both appetite and sleep habits, these two factors can also contribute to mood changes and behavioral changes.

Social Withdrawal and Isolation

It’s not uncommon at all for seniors who are ill to not want to be around other people much. UTIs can cause aging adults to withdraw from friends and family members for a variety of reasons. They might feel uncomfortable, embarrassed about their health issues, or simply not want to be around anyone for a while. If they’re not aware that they have a UTI, however, they could be prolonging their illness unnecessarily.

Feelings of Frustration

Recurring UTIs or simply feeling terrible for a while can lead to feelings of frustration. Seniors might feel as if they’re doing all they can and still aren’t able to avoid getting sick with yet another UTI. For some people, urinary tract infections are just really difficult to kick, especially if they’re taking medications for other illnesses that can make infections easier to get. It can help a lot for them to have extra help from home care providers to keep them on track.

Increased Depression

Being sick isn’t fun for anybody and the emotional impact of UTIs can lead to depression in aging adults. This is especially true if seniors keep getting sick with recurring UTIs. Depression can just make physical symptoms worse, which creates a vicious cycle.

UTIs have more than just a physical effect on aging adults. They can also have a big mental and emotional impact, especially if seniors don’t recognize the signs of a UTI. Companion care at home can be a huge help because they get to know the seniors they spend time with and are able to spot changes in behavior that could lead to faster treatment.


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