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Why Seniors Should be Listening to Music

Senior Home Care: Benefits of Music in Hattiesburg, MS
Senior Home Care: Benefits of Music in Hattiesburg, MS

As your senior ages in place you will want to find ways to keep them occupied, minimize stress, and even boost their moods. One of the best ways to achieve all three of those is by encouraging your loved one to listen to music everyday. Senior home care can help create routines around listening to music and turn on your senior loved one’s favorite bands or artists. Some seniors may have an Alexa to listen to music on but you can also listen to music on TV’s, phones, and some seniors may even have record players for vinyls. There are so many musical artists and ways to listen to music.

Here are the benefits of listening to music as a senior:

Can Help Reduce Stress

One of the biggest reasons why seniors should be listening to music is because it can help minimize stress. You may be unaware of the stress your seniors face, but it’s true. They may be stressed due to health issues, needing more help in the house, money issues, or just coping with aging. Some of the stressors can be handled if you sit down and talk to your loved one. For example if they need more help in the house, this is a good chance for senior home care to step in and provide relief for your loved one. Some of these stressors you may not be able to manage for them and that’s when a senior can turn to music. They need some way to release the stress they feel and allow them to relax even if it’s just for a little while. The right music can help their minds wander away from a stressful topic.

Music Is a Mood Boost

One of the best ways to get your loved one feeling good about life again is allowing them to listen to music for a while. Music can also help you identify how someone is feeling. If your senior loved one is listening to sad music they may be feeling down. If they’re listening to happy music they may be feeling good. But either way by listening to music they are expressing themselves which can lift their spirits.

It Triggers Memory

Seniors may not remember everything they’ve been through unless a memory has been triggered. One of the best ways to allow your senior to relive happy memories is by putting on music that triggers those memories. This is a fun way to see what they think about certain music or if they have a favorite song. Ask questions during this time to get to know them better. If they were married, ask them to play the song that was their first dance at their wedding. There are so many wonderful memories that can emerge through music.

Turning On Music May Help Them Do Other Things

Sometimes an activity is more fun when music is playing in the background. They can do chores easier, read a new book, or sit back and relax. Whatever it is it might be better for them and they may be more willing to do it if senior home care puts on music they can enjoy.


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